Welcome to our home

Emilie, Zoé and myself (Guillaume) hope you will have a wonderful stay at our place.

We have decided to make this little page to help you settle down in the best possible way.

First thing first:

If you have any (big) problems you can call us directly or use whatsapp:

Guillaume : 0049 152 557 09849

Emilie: 0049 176 236 43138

and for really big problems:

Police: 110

Firefighters: 112



PASSWORD : Scarl3tt@@

The Bathroom

As you can see there’s a big boiler above the toilet seat. It is turned off right now. Please set it to ECO and you will have some hot water in 45 minutes.

If you can think to turn it back to zero when you leave it would be awesome!

Towels are under the sink.


If you need to wash your clothes. You are welcome to use the machine.

Step 1, open the draw on the left

Step 2, add some liquid

Step 3, set the temperature. (We use 40)

Step 4 : Press Start! (It shouldn’t blink)

There’s a cloth-hanger behind the bathtub.


Finally, a hand vacuum cleaner is on the floor behind the white curtain. Very handy! Don’t forget to add the nose (this long black thing)

The Kitchen

If you boil water or cook smelly foods please turn the extractor on. There are only two buttons. You can’t miss it.

Please use a cutting board to cut and to put down hot stuff.

For the dish washer there are only three steps :

Get a “tab” under the sink.


Place in the trap in the door


Close the trap / lid.

Press the power button on the edge of the door and close the door ! That’s it.

If you want to use the coffee machine, just press the on button on the right side, fill up with coffee, wait for the lights to stop blinking and press the coffee sign.

The rest of the flat is self explanatory but you can contact us anytime.

Please water our plants (once every 5 days.)